Pre- & Perinatal Massage Therapy: A Comprehensive Guide to Prenatal, Labor, and Postpartum Practice, 2nd Edition


by Carole Osborne, CMT, NCBTMB

Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy explores techniques of therapeutic massage and bodywork that enable massage therapists to support mothers and their babies throughout the childbearing year. In this updated edition of her widely referenced text, noted maternity massage therapist and teacher, Carole Osborne, details the physiological, functional, and emotional developments of childbearing. The three included technique manuals teach clinically refined techniques, conveniently woven around women’s common needs. With its solid research foundation and practical business wisdom, this book will prepare you to successfully integrate therapeutic touch into today’s maternity healthcare. Experienced massage therapists’ stories from decades of personal experiences and clinical successes will inspire your heart, mind, and bottom line.

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by Carole Osborne, CMT, NCBTMB

Chapter Content

  • Chapter 1. Benefits of Prenatal and Perinatal Massage Therapy
  • Chapter 2. General Guidelines, Precautions, and Contraindications
  • Chapter 3. Client Positioning, Draping, Body Mechanics, and Other Practical Considerations
  • Chapter 4. Trimester Recommendations and Techniques
  • Chapter 5. Massage Therapy as Labor Support
  • Chapter 6. Postpartum Perspectives and Techniques
  • Chapter 7. Clients with Special Needs
  • Chapter 8. Business Considerations
  • Chapter 9. Profiles of Maternity Massage Therapists

Get fully up to date on these and many more topics

  • Evidence based benefits, precautions, contraindications and guidelines for safe practice
  • Practice-tested deep tissue, passive movement, reflexive, neuromuscular, circulatory and other advanced techniques that go well beyond the basics
  • How to address expectant women’s most common needs, back/pelvic pain relief and stress reduction. Additional techniques focus on other typical concerns such as difficulty sleeping, hip/leg, ribcage and arm pain, edema, nausea and other gastrointestinal imbalances, and preparing for labor
  • Positioning benefits, restrictions and how therapist and client can be ultra-comfortable
  • Body use for effectiveness, grace, ease and career longevity
  • Business and marketing practices that will help to fill your booking calendar
  • Varying opinions on issues such as depth of pressure; massage in the first trimester; working effectively and safely with edema; sacral, breast, and perineal massage
  • How to proceed if a pregnancy is high-risk or if complications develop
  • Labor and postpartum techniques that nurture the births of mothers and their babies
  • Working in situations that require additional sensitivity such as with women undergoing infertility treatment, diversity of couples, and survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Supporting assimilation of the emotional components of childbearing
  • Using massage therapy with women in labor to ease pain, relax and soothe, and support her vision of birthing
  • Facilitating postpartum physiological and structural recovery while easing the strain of newborn care
  • Post-cesarean birth recovery and support
  • Working cooperatively with obstetrical, midwifery and other maternity healthcare professionals
  • Obstetrical terminology, medications, and procedures and how massage may support positive outcomes from them

Bonus Features

Access to a unique series of video clips demonstrating techniques as well as other essential concepts and a wide range of professional and medical resources compiled specifically to support your success.

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Product Format: Softbound
Pages: 214
Publication date: 2012


“Not only is this text a wonderful resource for the therapist – packed with insight, information and techniques, but it is also a terrific gift to mommas and babies. The gift of competent, confident and nurturing touch during pregnancy, labor and postpartum can have such an impact on a family’s life and this book gives practitioners what they need to deliver that type of care.”
— Andrew Biel, Author of Trail Guide to the Body

“Carole has continually enhanced the field of massage therapy, with her teaching and her writing, over the last several decades. She has now done it again. This revised version of her already fantastic guide to all things pre- and peri- and postnatal is even more remarkable than the original. Read it and be a better practitioner.”
— David Lobentstine, MT

“This book is an essential guide to practitioners who need a clear, in depth, organized support in their practice with pregnant families. Even if you do not practice the hands-on techniques, the information provided in this book will create awareness that will broaden your perception of the beauty and the primal aspect of birthing. It may inspire you to practice your craft with pregnant woman with an educated and confident touch. Carole Osborne is a pioneer in the field of educated touch. She is a master teacher. Her work has supported and transformed the evolution of the medical and alternative health professions for more than 30 years. As an author, she has set the standard of massage therapy, body therapy, Holistic medicine to an all new level of professionalism. A must to read and to re-read!”
— Pauline Torrey, MT and Holistic Healer

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