Pre- & Perinatal Massage Therapy, 1st Edition


by Carole Osborne-Sheets

If you are like most massage therapists, you prop a pregnant woman with multitudes of pillows then modify your general massage routine for the unusual position… not fathoming the extensive physiological, structural, and emotional adaptations of pregnancy… without the assurance of well researched, sound safety guidelines…and with the highest intentions to enhance the new mother’s childbearing experience.

Now, spirit and practice can coalesce with the guidance of this textbook. Thorough clinical protocols and relevant procedures, supplemented by abundant references, photos and illustrations, bring over 22 years of maternity massage therapy expertise to your hands. This book will give you the comprehensive foundation you need to safely and effectively support the birth of a mother and her baby.




  • Benefits and Rationale
  • Guidelines and Precautions
  • Trimester Recommendations
  • Labor and Birth Facilitation
  • Postpartum Bodywork

There is a limited supply of these first edition books. If you are looking for the most current version of Carole’s book, please refer to Pre- & Perinatal Massage Therapy, 2nd Edition above.

Book Specifications

Product Format: Softbound
Pages: 171
Publication date: 1998


“This is the basic reference for massage therapists and bodyworkers and should be in the libraries of everyone providing care for childbearing women. “
— Penny Simkin, PT, Author and Doula

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