Deep Tissue Sculpting: A Technical and Artistic Manual for Therapeutic Bodywork Practitioners, 2nd Edition


by Carole Osborne-Sheets

Study the art and science of a myofascial style that is effective yet non-intrusive, and can be effectively integrated with other soft tissue, neuromuscular, and somatic methods. This easy to follow instructional manual incorporates over 30 procedures into three purposeful sessions. All practitioners will enhance their table work effectiveness with the body mechanics, body psychology, structural principles, lifestyle considerations, biomechanical research and exercise included. Deep Tissue Sculpting presents both the intuitive and artistic perspectives of a therapeutic method which encourages physical and emotional tension relief.

What will this book help you to facilitate?

  • more lasting results from your massage therapy sessions
  • improved professional recognition and interaction among healthcare providers
  • increased income through satisfied clients
  • reduced effort and fewer overuse syndromes

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  • Chapter 1: Perspectives on Deep Tissue Sculpting
  • Chapter 2: Basic Principles of Deep Tissue Sculpting
  • Chapter 3: Structural Alignment and the Role of Injury and Illness in Back and Neck Pain
  • Chapter 4: Body/Mind: The Role of Emotions in Chronic Tension and Pain
  • Chapter 5: How to Sculpt
  • Chapter 6: Health Maintenance for the Practitioner’s Hands and Body
  • Chapter 7: Deep Tissue Sculpting Session for the Back
  • Chapter 8: Deep Tissue Sculpting Session for the Low Back and Abdomen
  • Chapter 9: Deep Tissue Sculpting Session for the Neck and Shoulders
  • Chapter 10: Full Body Sculpting and Applications to Other Body Areas; Tableside Technique Guide
  • Chapter 11: Integrating Deep Tissue Sculpting into a Practice
  • Chapter 12: Customizing Sculpting for Individual Clients
    • Appendix A   Muscular Anatomy Relevant to Sculpting Sessions
    • Appendix B   Skeletal Anatomy Relevant to Sculpting Sessions
    • Appendix C   Bibliography
    • Appendix D   About the Author
    • Publications, Videos, and Continuing Education
    • Others’ Comments on Deep Tissue Sculpting

Book Specifications

Glossy, soft cover; spiral bound to lie flat during table use.
158 pages including over 50 illustrations, photographs, and charts
Publication date: 2002

Reviews and Testimonials

Reviewed by Lisa Mertz in Massage Therapy Journal, Spring, 2003

This new edition of Deep Tissue Sculpting, a how-to manual for cultivating consciousness, self-care and client connection-is very much up-to-date in providing a richly textured and uncomplicated mind/body perspective. Osborne-Sheets continues to make an important contribution to the massage therapy profession.

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Reviewed by Charlotte Michael Versagi in Massage Magazine, Spring 2003

If this text by Carole Osborne-Sheets had been included in their [many students] curriculum, the mystery of deep work would have been resolved and the relationship of “tissue sculpting” to many other forms of bodywork would have been explained.

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